Don't Give the Police Extra Evidence if Pulled Over for Suspicion of DWI

Being pulled over while on the way home from a bar is obviously very concerning. In a perfect world, you wouldn't have been drinking before trying to get home, but mistakes happen. You now find yourself in a difficult position and it's a good idea to pay attention closely to what happens next. Here's how to keep your cool and avoid incriminating yourself when pulled over under suspicion of DWI.

Don't Make Voluntary Statements

When you are pulled over, the police are trained to monitor how you talk, any odors coming out of the interior of the car, and your general body language. You'll need to talk to the police in response to questions, but it's otherwise a good idea to keep your mouth shut. You don't want to say something in any kind of way that might raise a red flag. Even if you think you are perfectly fine to drive, keep your mouth shut as much as possible.

Avoid the Roadside Tests if You Know They Are Trouble

You may be asked to take a DWI test at the side of the road. This could be bad for you if you have indeed been drinking considerably. In some states, the BAC level you need to hit to be considered intoxicated is so low, that even a couple of beers might do it. It may be in your best interest to refuse the roadside and Breathalyzer tests. This could result in other kinds of trouble like losing your license for some time, but this may be preferable to getting a DWI on your record.

Contact a DWI Attorney as Soon as Possible

If the police do take you in and insist on asking you further questions, you must insist yourself on obtaining legal representation. A DWI lawyer may be able to limit the questions that are asked to you. If things escalate to a court case, your attorney may be able to get information or evidence thrown out. In a worst-case scenario, a good lawyer can at least try to negotiate a plea bargain or entrance into an educational course that might reduce your sentence.

When pulled over for DUI, remain calm and try to limit the amount of information you give the police. This includes keeping your mouth shut and possibly refusing roadside tests if you are really in trouble. For best results, contact an attorney today.

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