Mounting A Case For Yourself After A DWI

Being detained by the police after a "Driving While Intoxicated" or DWI charge may be embarrassing. However, once you've been home for a while and start to realize what kind of repercussions this charge can have on your license and ability to drive, you might find that you're determined to do everything you can to defend yourself so you don't have to face terrible consequences. That's why it's so important for you to use these suggestions so that you're able to earn the outcome you'd prefer.

Avoid the Old Crew

One thing you need to be aware of above all else is that the other driver's legal team is likely to enlist help from wherever they can find it, including those who you thought were your friends. You might be surprised to find that the other driver's lawyer and team are speaking with those who know you best.

Remember that those representing the other driver will do their best to put you in a bad light; if you have a history of relying on something other than your own driving record, it's smart to realize you may face a challenge. To that end, be smart about your own personal interactions as these issues are still relevant and important. You might want to avoid old friends until you're confident about the outcome of your interactions.

Be Honest

It is not uncommon that you'd seek to present yourself in the best possible light to deflect attention away from the DWI charge. However, if you have a history of drinking excessively or street drug use, you'll need to be as honest as you can about these things. Your first impulse might be to hide things in your past, but if the prosecution team is any good, they are likely to dig up things in your past that you'd rather not share with others. Notifying your lawyer of some of these embarrassing events in your past is a good way to ensure that you're able to defend yourself against the other side; withholding information almost guarantees that your lawyer will be hit with information about you that they don't know. Protect yourself and help your lawyer to be prepared by mentioning anything you think could be a problem or a setback in your case.

With these tips, it is easier to protect yourself from serious consequences related to a DWI charge. Retaining an attorney with experience in this arena can help you to be more positive about your chances.

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