Going To The Dentist? ~ Be Mindful Of These Potentially Injurious Procedures

When people go to the dentist, they usually do not think that they will be injured by their dentists. Unfortunately, dental injuries can occur, and sometimes they are due to medical malpractice. The following are a few procedures to be mindful of.

Dental Implants

These prosthetic teeth are implanted into bone tissue. Sometimes dentists fail to accurately measure how far to insert the teeth into bone tissue. If the dental implants are inserted too far, nerve damage can occur. This nerve damage can make having dental implants unnecessarily painful, and the damage is sometimes irreversible. It is also possible for the implants not to be inserted far enough, which can result in implant failure. When implants fail, implant restorations may be needed. A dentist's failure to accurately measure could be considered as malpractice because if the mesurements are sufficient, a restoration procedure would likely not be needed.

Root Canals

These are often performed in areas of the mouth that are close in anatomy to parts of the jaw and face. Some root canals utilize equipment that requires drilling, which can damage other sensitive areas such as nerves and bone tissue. People who suffer from root canal procesures that are done incorrectly might suffer from sensitivity issues, pain, facial paralysis, or excess bleeding.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Some people get their wisdom teeth removed even if there is not an obvious reason such as pain or crowded teeth. These people may make their decisions to get their wisdom teeth extracted based solely off of their dentists' recommendations. Wisdom teeth extractions can cause permanent nerve damage. If a dentist recommends a procedure that is not medically necessary and an injury occurs, their actions could be viewed as negligent in a personal injury case.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are fairly simple dental procedures. However, they can go wrong if dentists cause nerve damage during the restoration process. This can result in infections, which can lead to teeth needing to be extracted that might have been salvagble if the procedures had been performed correctly. If crowns are installed incorrectly, unnecessary tooth sensitivity may also occur.

A personal injury attorney, such as one from Walsh Fewkes Sterba, is a good resource to use if you think that you were injured by your dentist. They can also provide information about other dental procedures that could result in injuries. If you are offered a settlement for a dentist's negligence, a personal injury lawyer can help you determine if the offer extended is fair and sufficient.

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