Preparing For Your Case In Criminal Court - Hiring An Attorney Versus A Public Defender

Sometimes defending yourself in criminal court isn't as black as white as you might think. For instance, in the event you became involved in a road rage incident, it can be difficult to extrapolate which party was the aggressor and which person was merely defending him or herself. In this example, it could even be a case of mutual combat. This is why anyone charged with a criminal offense needs to consult with an attorney before entering a plea.

Your Right to a Public Defender

Although it may not be easy or ideal to have to form a criminal defense against the charges that you face, you do have the option of requesting a public defender. If you choose to be represented in criminal court by a public defender, you can expect to receive the same quality of service as a hired attorney, but there are some realities that you need to realize.

First and foremost, public defenders often have a heavy caseload. They almost always represent a number of clients simultaneously, meaning that both their available time and resources may be limited. By contrast, criminal defense attorneys in private practices have much more control over both the number of cases they take on as well as which clients they feel most confident representing.

Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford your own criminal defense attorney, or find a lawyer willing to take your case pro bono, you will have the ability to have more direct input into how your case is handled. Unlike being appointed a public defender, people who hire their own criminal defense lawyers get to choose who represents them. From the onset, you can tell an attorney you have hired how you would like to have your case handled, while your attorney can let you know what is feasible and within the scope of their expertise.

Note that may criminal defense attorneys require their clients to pay fees upfront before any work is performed. Having a hired attorney, especially one with a good reputation, may help you to have your case heard in a different court, or at a date that is more convenient for you. Even if you feel that your criminal defense attorney options are limited because of financial constraints, you should still have as many consultations as you have to get valuable legal feedback prior to going in any given direction. To find out more, speak with someone like Jeffrey Wiggs, Law P.A.

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