The Right Way To React If You Are In Danger Of Losing Your Job Because Of A Pending DUI Charge

Not all DUI arrests stem from rowdy nights out at the bar. Many drivers accused of drinking and driving have no idea that their blood alcohol levels exceed the legal limit, resulting in arrests for driving under the influence, potential criminal penalties and loss of licensure. If your job requires you to maintain a clean driving record, you need to discuss your DUI charges with an attorney who has experience working with defendants who have found themselves in similar circumstances.

Remain Calm and Request Contact with Your Attorney

Being charged and arrested under the suspicion of drinking and driving may not be pleasant or could feel unfair if you believe that you are innocent. Being calm and cooperative with the attending officers is not only expected, but it can also help you in establishing the basis of your defense at a later time. As soon as you are able to, ask to contact your attorney or someone who can get you in contact with one. Your DUI attorney can aid you in being released from detainment and explain what you need to know about the charges pending against you.

Preparing for your first hearing before a judge is probably one of the most important steps in your case, as it will be your chance to submit an effective defense. Your attorney will know how to bring up the fact that your employment is in jeopardy, and swear on your behalf that you intend on cooperating with the courts as best as you are able to.

Discussing Breathalyzer and Blood Alcohol Concentration Reports with Your DUI Lawyer

While you may have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, judges depend on the written statement of arresting officers, blood alcohol content reports and breathalyzer readings to decide if and how defendants of DUI charges should be convicted and sentenced. You and your DUI attorney may be able to present a bona fide error defense if you can prove that you had significantly less alcohol in your system than the reports submitted by the police department that is handling your case contends.

To do this, you and your attorney will have to present strong evidence which either contradicts the information presented by the prosecutors, or produce your own scientific evidence that supports your defense. Breathalyzers used en masse by police to detect the precise blood alcohol content levels of drivers suspected of drinking and driving aren't always accurate. Hire a DUI attorney like one from Pollack & Ball LLC who is well-versed in the process of challenging blood alcohol content reports obtained via tests administered during roadside breathalyzer readings to help you get your charges dropped or reduced; this is essential for retaining your employment, in this case.  

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