3 Things That Could Result In Another DUI Charge In The Future

Were you convicted of a DUI in the past? If so, you may be like many other people who find the experience overwhelming and vow to never get another DUI. However, some individuals end up getting charged with DUI again, and some people get multiple DUI convictions and are labeled by authorities as habitual violators. The convictions can come with heavy penalties such as jail time, license suspensions that last for years, interlock ignition breath detector requirements, and community service. The following are a few ways you could find yourself charged with a DUI again even if you intend not to. 

Misunderstanding Tolerance and Drinks

If you are a person who fancies yourself and others with your ability to "hold your liquor," you might feel as though you are not drunk even when you have had a lot of alcohol. This is a sign of high tolerance. You might feel fine, but it is possible that you will consume too much alcohol for you to legally drive. This means that you could still be charged with DUI if you operate a vehicle after having a few drinks. The officers will go by any tests administered regardless of whether you appear to be coherent. DUI lawyers can contest the validity of breath test results and field sobriety tests, which could strengthen this type of case. 

Reputation Among Law Enforcement

Perhaps you live in a small community, or you may be involved in the club scene in your area. This means that members of law enforcement and your community will likely know you. Unfortunately, the fact that you have one conviction could cause some police officers to be on the lookout for you driving. You may have even been pulled over a few times already. Police officers must have probable cause to initiate traffic stops, and that could be as simple as failing to signal when turning. However, if they stop your vehicle and you have been drinking, the traffic stop will quickly take a new direction. DUI lawyers can defend their clients with the unlawful traffic stop defense if they discover issues with the officers' claims. In some jurisdictions, you can be charged with DUI even if you refuse to submit to testing.

Untreated Addiction

You may have fears about getting charged with another DUI. Perhaps you have tried to stop drinking numerous times, and you may have been successful with short-term sobriety attempts. If you usually resort to drinking again and have driven while intoxicated since your last DUI, you may have an addiction or another underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Although you have not yet received a new charge, each time you take chances drinking and driving could lead to a new DUI charge. Lawyers can help clients who are charged with a DUI get substance abuse treatment entered into plea deals. Some judges favor this over jail time. 

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